About Me

I live on the Atlantic seaboard in a suburb of a major metropolitan area.  Two funny and happy children, one kind and supportive husband, and one cat–who’s mostly decorative.

I work full time, but find, now that my children are older and my climb up the career ladder isn’t as frantic as it once was, that I have a little time in the evenings.  I feel this need to make something.  Preferably out of paper, and preferably that I can stick in the mail to friends, family, or the occasional card drive for a good cause.  Just because.

The colors and textures in paper crafting and card making are accessible, they’re bright, and finishing a project is relatively quick.  While I’m actively making something, all the little annoyances of the day disappear and I get to focus on the colors and shapes and whimsy that delight me, and hopefully, the intended recipient.  And I hear it’s way cheaper than therapy!  Although, given the rate at which my crafting supplies have grown, I’m not sure that it’s all THAT much cheaper.