There’s Snow Place Like Home


Do you ever do this?  Make a card—and then make it again?  I never used to do that (no time?), but recently, I’ve started to do that.  First, it’s efficient:  I need cards–so many times I wish I had the one I just sent out to send it out to another friend!  And so I’ve started stamping things out multiple times–if it’s good once, it’s good later, and coloring a few things at a time is faster than doing one item at a time.  Second, I think that my images are better the second (and sometimes third) time around.  My hands feel more sure of themselves and my eye is a bit more critical…I think.   Third, it give me a stash of leftover images.  Until recently, I keep those in an old raspberry container on my desk (love those things for crafting storage).  But that overflowed, and I never remembered what was there, and things sometimes got wrecked or swiped by my daughter for her creations–which was sometimes okay, and sometimes not.  So now the spares go in the  back side of the stamp pocket I store the stamps in.  Easy!

So, card 1 from the Snow Cool set by Lawn Fawn is up top.  For my coworker, who just bought a home.  And then my dear neighbor bought a new home….and I was able to take the “extra” penguin set and whip up card 2–in literally about 30 minutes, since I knew what I was doing.  and set three  is in the back of the stamp envelope–ready to go for the next time I need an igloo and some penguins!





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