Snow(e)scape crafting

There’s nothing better than this week–two fabulous days at home in the snow with my family–we’re healthy, happy and the power hasn’t gone out, despite 22 inches of snow in a place that averages 19 inches a year!  Hallelujah!  And every day I get to make cards–so many new toys to play with, so many great blogs and videos to look at.  It’s a visual feast, and I don’t have to set foot outside, unless I want to!

And so, at my daughter’s urging, and without telling her about it, I’m starting this little blog in the blogosphere.  Just because I can–and to prove to myself that a middle-aged puppy can learn a few new tricks.  And maybe because in addition to that urge to make something that has hit me so hard this last year, there’s an urge to share what I’m making that a Flickr account doesn’t quite satisfy.  Well, we’ll see where it goes, shall we?

If you’re among the snowbound and reading this, be well and warm.  If you’re my family or friends, be happy.  And now back to a bit of watercoloring while the kids are occupied with their own activities.


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